Types of writing genres in fictional literature
Types of writing genres in fictional literature

Types of writing genres in fictional literature…should a novelist stick to one genre?

I was discussing my novel with my bank manager a couple of weeks ago which inspired this article.

We were talking about genres, as I was explaining about how my novel had been received by readers. My readers were commenting about how scary my novel is, so I questioned about whether I’d chosen the correct fiction genre on Amazon and Goodreads or not.

My original writing genre was a ‘Suspense‘ ‘Thriller‘, but then I thought perhaps ‘Horror‘ with plenty of suspense instead.

Ideas for future novels

This conversation led on to the new novel I’m writing, together with the many ideas for future novels too…which led on to story lines. One of my stories includes time travel and another includes paranormal activity.

We discussed whether an author should stick predominantly to one genre or not.

She seemed to think that veering off to a bit of paranormal is okay, as many believe this is real.

Whereas, she wasn’t keen on diverting to a novel to include time travel, as this is more ‘Science Fiction‘. Which is another genre all together.

James Patterson Novelist…

We then discussed James Patterson, one of her favourite authors. She’s a big fan of his and has read many of his books.

However, there was one book where he’d collaborated with another writer and for the first time his story line was slightly different where characters sprouted wings – I think the book she was referring to is ‘When The Wind Blows.’

For her, this was lost and not something she’d expect from Mr Paterson, as he mostly writes thrillers and realistic fiction. Whereas is this novel he moved to ‘Fantasy Fiction‘.

I know what she means, because if you get used to reading books from an author, you know what to expect. If they surprise you in this way by changing the genre slightly, it could put you off. This is especially if it is a genre you don’t like at all.

So is this good or bad?

So what are the options if you switch or mix writing genres?

If you have many book ideas, as I do, and some drift across to other genres, I think having more than one pen name is the solution.

Even J. K. Rowling has written under a different pen name…Robert Gailbraith.

Types of writing genres in fictional literature

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