Adrian Russell Laid Bare With Alan Coote on Author Stories Radio Pod Cast…press the play button to listen to this emotional interview with Adrian…


      The Story Behind The Book - Nothing Left But Fear by Adrian Russell - Adrian Russell Talks To Alan Coote


Nothing Left But Fear novel by Adrian Russell
Nothing Left But Fear novel by Adrian Russell

Adrian Russell was laid bare on Lets Talk Business Radio, as Alan Coote looks under the surface of Russell’s novel Nothing Left But Fear.

With book extracts read out by Adrian Russell and a real heart to heart interview about the author, plus the real story behind his debut novel.

Russell shows his true emotions in this real heart to heart interview about his battle against cancer. Listen to his inspiring journey of how he used his cancer to spur himself on to finish his work!

Here are a few comments of listeners of the interview:

“I just listened to your interview and must say I was very much touched with all you have gone through! I plan to listen to it again just before I go to sleep so that I can be inspired.” Danny

“Very moving interview Russell.” Tina.

“A lovely heartfelt interview from a sincere and extremely kind, patient man and author.” Barbara.

“What a great heartfelt interview.” Vikki

“I just listened to your you interview. Very good. It brought tears to my eyes. I still haven’t been brave enough to read it yet, but will do. You have done so much. Well done.” Linda

Please enjoy the radio interview with Adrian Russell and if it inspires you enough to buy the book, you can get it at Amazon here Nothing Left But Fear.

Thank you.