What would inspire you to write your very first novel?

Write your very first novel
Adrian Russell with his very first Novel Nothing Left But Fear

I thought I’d share my story of how my novel got finished, with the aim of inspiring you to get to either begin writing or to get it finished…I began writing the novel around four years ago, but like most things it go shoved to one side and never got finished. However, in 2014 I got struck down with cancer and this is where my novelist journey began…

Fortunately, I survived cancer treatment last year (2015), and my first chemo treatment was on 31 December 2014 (New Years Eve no less!).
I remember when I was first told about having cancer…it was 17th December 2014…that date will be imprinted on my mind forever.
This was a very emotional time for my my family and me, plus very scary for me I will admit. There was loads of tears and some very deep thinking about what this meant to me.
My wife had to almost force me up the stairs of the hospital for my first treatment, as I really didn’t want to go…the thought of all those chemicals being pumped into my body frightened me.
So despite getting sepsis three times, fungal pneumonia, pleurisy, losing all my hair, being horrendously sick and losing two stone…I got through it and I’m now in remission.
I do have Cancer Research to thank for having treatment available that works. A very close friend of the family died of the very same cancer nearly 30 years ago…so he wasn’t so lucky.

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining - for this novelist it has
Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining – for this novelist it has

‘Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining’ though – Because I used the time to finish my very first novel

My new novelist journey began when I knew the first chemo treatment was to be spread over 7 or so hours.
To help take my mind of the treatment and to alleviate the boredom of sitting in a hospital for hours, I decided to take my laptop with me.

I then sat and typed away for almost 7 hours! The nurses were asking what I was doing and were intrigued when I told them I was writing my novel.
I am hoping that my little story will inspire you. Live is way too short so please get writing that book or make sure you finish writing one you’ve already started.

I have often come across many people who’ve said they have either started to write a novel or book, or others that have an idea for one. Most never get around to finishing or writing it. Please don’t let that be you 🙂

To write your very first novel…you need to get started

The End of article on novel writing software
The End of article on novel writing software

If you want some help with writing or publishing your very first noel, I’d be more than happy to help…now that I’m an Indie Author myself.
I will be happy to share how I went about writing and self-published mine.
I can tell you, it’s so exciting when you receive your very own paperback version in the post. To hold your work in your hands is a feeling I’ll always remember.

Please get to it and write your very first novel today….let me know either on my website here or contact me on my twitter feed here.

What would inspire you to write your very first novel?

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