Nothing Left But Fear novel by Adrian Russell
Nothing Left But Fear Paperback

Naked Souls Struggle to Survive

“Sadistic kidnappers leave unsuspecting deadbeats vulnerable and alone in unfriendly and hostile places. These deadbeats, together with an unsuspecting guest, soon find out they are not actually alone at all.

When they realise what’s out there, they are not only left with a deep primal fear, but they are now faced with a fight for their very survival. A gut-wrenching thriller from Adrian Russell which takes readers on an eye-popping journey to a place where mercenary predators lurk at every turn.”


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Survival of the fittest is the top rule in the wild…unsuspecting deadbeats soon find this out the hard way.

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“On the edge of your seat thriller. Wasters are kidnapped and dumped in a place far from home, very unfriendly scary places. They are not alone, what or who is out there? How or will they survive the night? They are hunted like prey. My heart kept skipping beats reading this book. i loved it, my kind of story, keep it coming. I can’t wait for the next book from Adrian Russell.” 5 STAR review on Goodreads

An uncomfortable yet compelling read – An intriguing and original novel. You are drawn in from the first page as the terrifying plot unfolds… A unique storyline which delves deep into the human psyche.” 5 Star Review on Amazon

“An amazing read. There were parts in the story where I was afraid to turn the page. Man is so vulnerable when he is taken out of their comfortable surroundings.” 5 STAR review on Goodreads

Gripping! Extremely gripping right from the beginning, could not put it down! An excellent read!” 5 Star Review on Amazon

Gripping! What an amazing read!” 5 Star Review on Amazon

Five Stars! An amazing read. A really scary story. There were times when I was afraid to turn the page.” 5 Star Review on Amazon

“Just finished reading Nothing Left But Fear. What a great read. Loved it. ?” Review on Twitter


As he drifted up through layers of sleep, David Lane began to sense that something didn’t feel quite right. He reached instinctively for the comforting edge of his mattress. It wasn’t there. And where was the duvet that usually kept him warm?
His pulse quickened. Reaching further, trying again to find the raised mattress edge, his fingers grasped something that felt like straw. Straw? His eyes shot open. He found that he was not in his bed at all, but lying on the floor of what appeared to be a cavern. Straw was scattered about him everywhere. He was stark naked and itching all over.
Fear struck him like a lightning bolt: He really was no longer in the safety of his own little bedroom at home!
‘Where the hell am I?’
To find out, David jumped to his feet. Or, at least, he tried to. His legs, shaky from some kind of drug infusion he didn’t understand, since he didn’t do drugs, were not prepared for the suddenness of the move. He fell back onto the straw-covered surface, a jarring experience that didn’t help ease the racing of his heart.
He lay there for an instant, breathing heavily, feeling vulnerable and lost. Soon, though, he realised he would have to fight his fear and try to get up again. As he tried to grasp what was going on, he picked up a handful of the straw. It was dry to the touch and had an odd, unfamiliar smell. This did not make him feel any less afraid.
‘Am I going mad? Am I having a nightmare?’
Trying to calm himself, he began studying his surroundings more closely. He noted that the temperature in the cave-like room was warm, so, despite his nudity, he wasn’t cold. What dim light there was came from a single source, what appeared to be an entrance to the cave, but as he looked into the blackness behind him he could feel the almost abysmal depth of an unfathomable, empty space.
A new shiver of fright went from the base of his spine to the nape of his neck. It was as if someone had just walked over his grave. With his thoughts turning to …’where the fuck are my clothes?’…he cupped sweaty palms over his face in frustration and racked his memory for what might have caused him to end up in such a place. He vaguely recalled going to the withdrawal point at his bank in Chelmsford, where he lived, after his social security had been deposited.
‘I don’t remember going to bed at all.’
He rubbed his eyelids, then, as if in some way that would help lessen his confusion. It didn’t.
His mind, desperate for an explanation, soon began to grasp at straws. Train tracks, he thought. A train tunnel and tracks would make more sense than a cave. A quick look around determined no railway track had ever been there.
‘But how did I get here?’
He kept challenging his brain for answers, trying to piece together the few facts he had to make sense of it all.
Again, he recognised that the warm air in the cave certainly was odd; he should be feeling cold by now, but he didn’t. That wasn’t normal. As he looked toward the light, he could make out trees and some sky. That definitely did seem normal, although he had his doubts.
‘That can’t be outside in England, can it?’
Heart still beating fast, David slowly got to his feet, being careful not to fall this time. He stood, wobbling a bit, and drew some confidence from realising he was not under immediate attack. But that feeling was undermined by a wave of emotional — or was it physical? — fatigue.
‘Do I really want to know?’
Whether he did or he didn’t, he realised he had to do something. But what?
He looked at the welcoming light at the entrance. At the moment, naked as he was, he was reluctant to venture out there. Then he turned his head and peered again into the cave’s sloping depths. No way was he going in that direction! Staring into that impenetrable darkness sparked unpleasant images.
‘What if there’s something bad down there?’
That thought triggered a strange foreboding in his brain. He was still very unsteady on his feet, so he braced himself by stooping and resting his hands on his knees. He closed his eyes for a few seconds to temporarily shut out this disturbing, unwanted new reality.
‘Think, David! Think!’
If only he could tap into the memories he knew were dancing somewhere at the edge of his consciousness. If only he could Just then, two men came into his mind’s view. Were they real? A flash of fear shot up his spine once more. And he opened his eyes and screamed.

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