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At this stage Adrian Russell only has one finished novel.

Nothing Left But Fear novel by Adrian Russell
Nothing Left But Fear novel by Adrian Russell

This novel ‘Nothing Left But Fear’ was first published on Amazon in 2016.

About the novel Nothing Left But Fear…

“Sadistic kidnappers leave unsuspecting deadbeats vulnerable and alone in unfriendly and hostile places. These deadbeats, together with an unsuspecting guest, soon find out they are not actually alone at all! When they realise what’s out there, they are not only left with a deep primal fear, but they are now faced with a fight for their very survival. A gut-wrenching thriller from Adrian Russell which takes readers on an eye-popping journey to a place where mercenary predators lurk at every turn.”

This is Adrian Russell’s first novel and is excited to have it published.

This novel is available on Kindle or other reader device and in paperback.

Also available on Createspace if you live in America.

For more details on ‘Nothing Left But Fear’ click here.

Novel No. 2 – Daniel Hawkings – Detective in London will be available in 2017.

Russell is working on his next novel, which is the beginning of a detective series…so far Adrian Russell has written 36,000 words, and counting. The detective, Daniel Hawkins, is searching for a serial killer lurking somewhere in London. Men are disappearing and being found dead in the canal…

“I will keep you updated on how this new novel is going.”, Adrian Russell