Book reviews are an important feedback to novelists
Book reviews are an important feedback to novelists

Book reviews are important feedback for novelists to gauge impact…

It was only recently, when I was speaking to a fan of my work who was in the middle of reading my novel Nothing Left But Fear, that I realised just how important reader reviews are.

Of course, you have no idea when you are writing a novel, how it will be received by your audience. Also, you don’t know what reviews you’ll get for your published work either.

Now that I have received a few great reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and Twitter, it is only now that I can really appreciate the impact my work is having on my readers.

An Amazon review…

‘A really scary story. There were times when I was afraid to turn the page.’

Wow…afraid to turn the page…thank you.

It was fully my intention to create this type of emotion. I worked endlessly on the plot and also tried hard to get inside the readers head.

There were certain scenes in the novel where I was able to stretched out a particular story line. For instance, where a character is being chased or stalked, I deliberately extended the plot to keep the reader in suspense.

However, it was only when I received this feedback, I knew I’d achieved what I had set out to do.

Let me explain further from a writers perspective…

When you’re the writer of the novel, you know the story inside out.

You know exactly what happens, as you are the one creating the story line by line. In my case I create the story literally as I write it. Most of the time I have no idea what is going to happen until it happens.

Having said that it is me that makes the story up, and I find it impossible to get scared by my own creativity. So it’s almost impossible to feel the suspense or the thrill of the read like the reader does.

I joked about leaving my book on the shelf for a few months and then going back to read it later. I thought maybe I would feel the suspense then. However, that would be like watching a film for a second time…or would it?

Actually, I’ve watched many suspense movies a few times over, and I’ve still felt tense during the second or third viewing.

For book readers…

If you are a book reader, then I’m hoping you will further appreciate the extra importance of reviews. As a book reader myself, I understand this even more so and I will make sure that I provide a review for every book I read.

Book reviews are important feedback for novelists

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